bright lips x clean and simple eyes. this is such a beautiful makeup.
hv been liking bright lips, especially red ones, since last season.
i'm now more into pinkish ones, better for the coming seasons.

i admit i've been kinda obsessed with sunkissed makeup for a long time.
i really love that feeling of getting a little sunburn on the nose and cheeks.
it gives the feeling of being a vital and sporty natural beauty.

naturally..i got these winged asian eyes. not very extreme like Lucy Liu though. lol.
but i love to extended my eyeliner a little bit longer which makes the shape of my eyes pop out.
and most guys find that sexy too. *wink*

lip scrubbing has been my daily habit ever since i got my Lush bubblegum lip scrub.
it not only makes ur lips softer and smoother, it also makes lipstick colour more outstanding and long-lasting.
try to scrub ur lips before putting on lipsticks next time. the difference is obvious.

i love using stippling brushes to put my foundation on as it gives an air-brush effect finish.
the hair of M.A.C. 187 is really thin and tender and work really well in making a natural, flawless face.


  1. wow soft and smooth lips, delicious :p

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