LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub (£4.75/25g)

have been finding a lip scrub for some time as i'm too lazy to DIY one myself.
but to my surprise there are not much brands include lip scrubs in their product line.
even if they have, there are not much varieties.
and all of a sudden LUSH came into my mind so i went to their shop to get this Bubblegum lip scrub.
it got a really sweet and candy-like smell and i love the neon pink colour.
as it's made from natural ingredients, it's eatable.
just get some on your finger, scrub your lips, and lick things off. lol.
and i am kinda surprised by the effect.. my lips are really soft and smooth after scrubbing,
i can feel the difference when i apply my lip balm afterwards.
i am quite happy with this scrub and i will probably try the other two lip scrubs (Sweet Lips and Mint Julips) next time.

See their lip balm and scrubs here.

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