gonna leave the UK and go back to Hong Kong (yay!)  in 10 days and start packing my stuff.
as i remember, i think i've initially brought under 10 pairs of shoes over.
and then my mum sent me a few more pairs, and i bought the rest of them here in the UK. 
still got some more flats and heels at home in Hong Kong and i cant wait to get back to view my entire collection. LOL.
well compare to this, i ain't no shoeaholic. but i hope i can own that ultimately. haha.
i guess everyone would have something they can never have enough of.
in my case, they are shoes. (:



MKA @ InStyle USA July 2011

look at those olsens killer legs!



the perfect combo for the glowing sun-kissed look:

1. The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel For Face
2. E.L.F. Kabuki Face Brush
- This face bronzing gel is my current favourite. It's pigmented but it is really easy to blend well into the skin. I apply the bronzing gel on cheeks and blend upwards to the temples where the sun would naturally hit the face. Then I use the kabuki brush for further blending to make it more natural.

3. Sleek Blush in Scandalous
4. E.L.F. Blush Brush
- This bright red blush is super pigmented and it does look scary. But if you just apply with a light hand, it gives the most perfect and natural flushing finish. Use the blush brush to apply the red blush on the cheeks and across the bridge of the nose to create a 'sun-burn' effect. This blush brush is one of the best things I got from E.L.F. Its size is perfect for me to locate my cheekbone and the highest point across my nose. 

5. Accessorize Baked Bronzer in Shade 1 Golden Sand
6. E.L.F. Angled Foundation Brush
- Though it's called a 'bronzer' but it actually works as a highlighter, which is very similar to M.A.C's Mineralize Skin Finish. And even the brush is named as a 'foundation' brush, it's actually too small to apply foundation. Its size is perfect to reach areas where needed to be highlighted, such as the highest point of the cheek, the brow bone just under the peak of the brow, and the bridge of the nose. I use this brush to apply the 'bronzer' to highlight these areas to create a healthy dewy glow. 


WISH LIST [June 2011]

1. Stylenanda mint chuncky heels
starting to like the mint colour. and as usual, i want a pair of chuncky heels, but still hvn't found the right pair..
2. Prada platform brogues
if u have been following here all along, u know i jus love brogues/ oxford shoes. like..they are my HG shoes. so of cos i cant miss out Prada's signature pair of this season.
3. iPad 2
i'm no tech savvy person and no fan of Apple at all. but this thing is jus so...sleek. very aspirational indeed. dont really need it, but would be happy to own one.
4. Benefit Bathina 'take a picture... it lasts longer...' body balm
as i'm trying to get myself more tanned/ bronze, why not having a product which would give your skin that extra glossiness?
5. Jeffrey Campbell Sabine
basically, i just want a pair of sandals which has minimal design with just 2 straps. very chic and elegant. 
6. Mak Up Store lipstick in Praire
want a lipstick with a nice coral/ peachy colour. perfect for summer.
7. Jeffrey Campbell Mildred Paint
OMG. this is even better than A. Wang's Dakota. have i ever mentioned how much i love love love loovveee ink splatter? and look at that artistic desgined heel..god this is the perfect shoe.
(and i'm definitely going to DIY a pair of ink splatter shoe soon!) 
8. Nokia C3
i love my current little red phone with the 'qwerty' keyboard, which is an old version of Nokia's smart phones. would like to hv this hot pink new model if my current one has died. 
9. <<小凱彩妝百變臉書>> by 小凱老師
小凱 is my absolute favourite Asian makeup artist. his got such a nice character and his makeup tips are always so good. so how would i miss out his new book?


it's kinda embarrassing..but yes, i hv been wanting to have such hair braid since more than 10 years ago. 
and i finally got one in Whitby today. feeling kinda childish but delighted at the same time cos it's just so nice. heehee.