got 3 things from ASOS lately:

ASOS raw edge cropped shirt
its minimal but its really nice to go with high waist shorts/ pants.
and it also means that i should do a lot more workout focusing on my waist..

ASOS pleated maxi skirt
have been waiting for this a looonnnnggggg time cos my size is always out of stock.
this is my perfect type of maxi skirt: sheer + pleated + opaque top
(in which i dont need to think abt what to wear inside).
 i just loovvveee it. (but it's super long that i must take it for alteration..)

ASOS leather traditional satchel
got this leather satchel as my birthday present from my parents.
it looks a lot (like seriously, a lot) nicer in real than in pictures.

and i almost forgot abt this..

it was originally a random hang out in town a month ago
and i went into New Look and saw this gorgeous leather clogs of their limited edition on the sale shelf.
i was so shocked when i picked them up and looked at the price..£5!!! wootwoootttt~!
its the only pair left and it's size 36! (i am actually a size 35 but i occasionally can fit into some 36 ones)
it's such an amazing bargain. how could i forgot to share this here? lol

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