i love balloons! they're so festive and dreamy and would remind you of the fun times of being a child.

what i can say is.. i have been dancing since 4 years old.
even the times of training can be tough..but hard work always pay off. (:
and basically i love all sorts of dance. Chinese, Latin, and Street style are my favourites.

i absolutely LOVE animals.
(look at how cute the squirrel and the kitten are! they're two of my favourite animals! xxx)
not only tiny domestic animals but also wild ones. lol.

i really cant explain how much i love the sun and the sea.
it's literally a first-class experience (at least to me) when looking at how the sun shines on the sea and make the water sparkles. all my negative emotions and pressure will gone with this beautiful scenery.

influenced by the hip hop and street style culture, i love neon colours.
especially when they are on kicks and accesories.
my schedule book, sneakers, hair tie, clutch bag, earrings, rings... they are basically all neon.
of course i love monotones too (as seen in almost all my fashion posts, obviously i'm fan of minimalism).
but i think it's stylish to style monotones clothings with slight touch of neon accesories.
(ok i admit i am a pretty polarize person. lol)

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