Super Junior for Ceci Magazine Korea September 2011.
[Photo Courtesy of Ceci]

the most stunning photoshoot i've seen recently - beautiful people, gorgeous clothes, amazing setting; 
establishing the fall/ winter trend and featuring a lot of menswear styles and products which are always in vogue: monotone preppie, dandyish preppie, street style,  and a little bit of grunge.

Style Alert

1. suspenders: 
dont be afraid of adding suspenders in casual wear. balance out the formality with a nice pair of jeans and a pair of vintage/ distressed Red Wing. skinny jeans for a dandy look, slim fit or straight cut jeans for a more sophisticated look; roll the jeans up for a more toned down look if necessary. dont forget to leave the first few buttons on your shirt alone, and tuck the shirt in. a (black) leather jacket would be a nice bonus to the outfit. 
[as shown on Donghae]

2. the 'dandy' colours
A dark, shady range in a variety of inky tones: dark purple, wine red, khaki, taupe brown and green...etc. if putting all these together sounds scary, simply start with getting accessories or one single item of such colours, and tone down with white and grey shades, or with a pair of black military/ riding boots.
[as shown on Sungmin and Siwon]

2. glasses:
glasses can be tricky, especially on Asians. it could go either very sleek and stylish, or go totally nerdy or cheap-looking. with the appropriate clothes and hairstyle  (yes hairstyle is VERY important), a pair of glasses would be the perfect touch-up. always start with the basic black ones. dont buy one until you find the perfect pair which fit perfectly with your face. yes it takes time to find the perfect one. when you find yours, it's done. it's gonna be your closet essential. 
something to note about eyeglasses frame styles. many guys tend to start trying on glasses with wayfarers. the problem of this type of frames is they only look good on people with higher nose and more outstanding features. it is because the inner arc of the frame actually emphasize the nose. so people with rounder/ bigger nose might not look good in it. Asian faces with flatter features should wear angular and geometric frames that sharpens facial features. rectangular ones also make your face appear longer and thinner. 
as for the trend, duo-tone spectacles (half black half transparent) would be something fresh and different.
[as shown on Sungmin]

4. English checks: 
choosing checkers pattern shirts and waistcoats is a good way of toning down the seriousness of suit and make you look younger. get hands on small checkers first as it's easier to handle.
[as shown on Siwon, Donghae and Yesung]
advanced version: pattern-on-pattern look
[as shown on Ryeowook]


  1. Awesome~ <3
    I like this post very much :)

  2. the pictures gave me a lot of insight for my next haircut.

    whats the definitional difference between dandy and preppy? how come i always see them popping out together? what are they actually?


  3. Really amazing outfits.I was very pleased to find this site. I definitely enjoyed reading every little bit of it.Thanks for the post.



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