E.L.F. Nail Polish - Mango Madness & Passion Pink.

E.L.F. Mango Madness (ring finger, 3 coats)

E.L.F Passion Pink (2 coats)

both colours are the newly launched ones for summer. Mango Madness is a vibrant coral/ orange colour with a normal glossy finish. Passion Pink is a bright pink colour with a golden sheen and the finish is not as glossy as the other one. i picked these 2 colours because bright pink and orange are such a good match for the colour block summer.
i gotta say: i love these nail polishes. to be honest, i'm not a girl who love/ used to put on nail polish. not at all. i dont like to wait for nail polish too dry and i feel unproductive just to sit there and unable to do anythg in case i ruin the undry coat, and it's so frustrating if i really ruined it. and because i'm not used to putting on nail polish, i always apply it very unevenly with a lot of flaws. and because many of the polishes i tried before chip so quickly and easily, this makes me even more reluctant to spend time and effort to put on nail polish.
but these E.L.F nail polishes are amazing. the bristles glide the colour on flawlessly. it dries quite quickly, and it's highly chip resistant. i'm really glad that i picked these up and i will try other colours next time.

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