WISH LIST [Mar. 2011]

1. cut out shoulder shirt
2. Oxford style peep toe wedges
3. brown peep toe clog wedges
4. vintage style envelope clutch
5. nude wedges
6. pastel pink chuncky heels
7. torn sweater

- hv been wanting a cut out shoulder shirt so badly. hv initially tried to get one from clubcouture but they sent me an email afterwards saying it's out of stock ): anywayz..so now i'm planning to DIY one instead..see if i'm gonna success..lol
- the first time i saw an Oxford style peep toe wedges is the ones from Urban Outfitters. those are amazing. but once again, i can NEVER (ok not absolutely never but nearly never) buy any high heels here in UK becos of my tiny feet...gahhh this is terribly annoying.
- a pair of peep toe clog wedges seems to be nice for summer.
- another key thing in my wish list would be getting an envelope clutch. this vintage brown one with an asymmetric cover from Stylenanda is defintely gorgeous. unfortunately, it's out of stock (again)...
- basically, i just want a pair of high heels/ wedges which is nude in colour.
- chuncky heels together with the colourful trend is surely one of the hottest stuff of SS2011. love this colour. it's pretty for the cheerful weather in the coming seasons.
- this torn sweater is so c.o.o.l. love those destroyed features which makes a normal sweater much more fashionable. even winter's gonna end soon, i still wanna get one. minimal chuncky sweater is such a good item in creating that casual, chic, cozy, and sexy look. and it almost go with anything.

(photos courtesy of Stylenanda)

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  1. like no.7 :p
    no.1 is lovely too, but im too fat for that :p


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