STYLE CHALLENGE - chunky knits/ sweaters

knits are perfect for the cold weather, they are warm, cozy, and chic.
and for this fall, chunky ones are the must-haves.
nevertheless, chunky knits could go quite extreme.
they could end up to be a fashion disaster as they might create that 'marshmallow look'
but if the styling is right, its gonna be stylish and sexy.

style 1: x leggins/ skinny bottoms

the most basic style would be going with leggings or skinny pants.
it balances the entire look well without adding any weight to it.
add that bit of hotness by showing off one shoulder like Rumi.

style 2: x shorts/ skirts

leather shorts are another must-have in fall 2010 and they go so well with chuncky knits to create the 'sugar and spice' look i.e. soft cozy sweater with sharp edgy shorts.
for the more girly look, just put on a skirt instead.
(i love that Warehouse faux leather skirt on Ashley!)
complete the look by a pari of lace up heels (another must-have).

style 3: boyfriend

get an oversize sweater and wear it as dress to catch up with the boyfriend trend. it is absolutely sexy.
for a more youthful preppie look, add opaque tighs with over-the-knee/ knee high socks,
and of course, a pair of oxford shoes.

style 4: layering

this style needs a certain amount of sartorial savvy
avoid wearing something that are too thick inside.
matching with a collar shirt is perfect to create the preppie look
and wearing a simple cotton dress underneath like Popbee would be sweet.

chunky knits..would you like to give it a try?

[Photos Courtesy of fashiontoast / Ring My Bell / WHOWHATWEAR / POPBEE / STREETFSN / LOOKBOOK.nu]

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