Fashion Talent from the Southern Hemisphere - DION LEE.

people tend to pay less attention to Australian designers due to the seasonal difference
but Dion Lee, one of my favourite young designers,
certainly deserves as much attention as those people out there in NY, London, Paris, and Milan.

the first time i get stunned by Lee's designs was his S/S 2008/09 collection shown in the Fashion Design Studio TAFE show during the fourth day of the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week :

and Lee's talent continued to bloom in his S/S 2009/10 collection:

both collections are absolutely amazing and it's impossible for me to choose a favourite piece.

and here comes S/S 2010/11:

i really love the way how Lee manipulates the design of blazers and shirts, and his skills of tailoring and playing with cut-outs.
and i can somehow feel the sense of Alexander Wang in Dion Lee's designs: simple yet stylish.

Dion Lee xx.

more on:
Vogue Australia - Dion Lee

[Photos Courtesy of Vogue Australia / life.com]

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